The Nourish series is an initiative we felt compelled to put together in our second season.

After our first market season in 2013, we realized we had tapped into a collective pool of knowledge unlike any other. Our local vendors were not only knowledgable about their subject and product, but personable and fantastic at transferring their passion and knowledge to others.

And so Nourish was born – to nourish the mind as well as body. The week-long series of free workshops took place in October of 2014 with topics that included things like the basics of nutrition in both English and Arabic, to food demonstrations, inspirational talks, food photography, crafting, lifestyle, and kitchen skills.

We squeezed in as much variety as we could and capped class size at 20, to maintain intimacy in the classroom and to maximize knowledge absorption.


FarmTable was the second initiative to launch in our second season. With an activity-packed itinerary, the experience incorporates relaxation, fun and feasting on local fare with education in one weekend trip.

FarmTables take place over two days of a given weekend. Visitors have the option to buy a ticket for either the Friday or Saturday trip. Both days will have identical itineraries.

When it is time, the announcement will be made on our social media platforms with a link to purchase tickets online.

The farm is set up and open to visitors from 10 am until sunset. The FarmTable experience includes an informative tour by the local farmer, the chance to pick fruit and vegetables, a farm-to-table meal, relaxation and refreshments while watching the sun set on the field and a mini farmers market featuring neighboring farms.

It is a family-friendly full day affair!